Does Porsche make a hybrid 911?

Does Porsche Have a Hybrid 911?A Porsche 911 hybrid is expected in the Fall of 2024, when it will be offered publicly from Porsche AG using the 992 model number. Unlike existing Porsche hybrids like the Panamera and Cayenne, the 911’s hybrid system, like the 918 Spyder, will likely be focused on adding performance instead of efficiency. Although the Porsche 911 hybrid isn’t available from Porsche AG yet, Vonnen’s Shadow Drive system can be added as a retrofit to hybridize™ the Porsche 911 from 1965 on as well as Boxsters and Caymans with 150 extra horsepower and an additional 150 lb/ft of torque.

Will Porsche make an electric 911?

As of this writing, Porsche has not announced intentions to release a purely electric 911, as its Taycan EV occupies a similar price point and performance spec as the 911. Porsche has, however, indicated an intention to offer hybrid technology on forthcoming 911 performance variants and California Porsche specialist, Vonnen, offers a performance hybrid retrofit system for a number of Porsche models including 1965 thru current 911, Cayman, Boxster, 914, etc…

Do hybrid cars have less power?

Hybrid cars often are engineered to favor fuel economy and efficiency over power output. However, recent trends in the automotive industry have seen hybrid technology used to boost engine output as evidenced by cars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren P1, Acura NSX and others. Aftermarket Porsche specialist, Vonnen, offers a performance hybrid retrofit system to boost the performance of a number of Porsche models including 911, Cayman and Boxster by 150 horsepower.

Are hybrid cars more powerful?

Cars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren P1, Acura NSX use hybrid technology to boost power output by augmenting the combustion engine. Aftermarket Porsche specialist, Vonnen, offers a performance hybrid retrofit system to boost the performance of a number of Porsche models including 911, Cayman and Boxster by 150 horsepower.

Are hybrids ever used for performance?

Hybrid Porsche 911Absolutely, hybrids can be optimized for performance too. Many hyper-cars and supercars, including the Porsche 918 Spyder, La Ferrari, and Mclaren P1 are using hybrid systems to boost performance, especially by taking advantage of the electric motors’ ability to deliver power at very low rpm. This allows the engine and electric motor to work together to maximize power delivery across a wide power band. Vonnen’s Shadow Drive hybrid technology can be adapted to fit virtually any make or model vehicle and add 150 additional horsepower on top of what the engine is already producing.

Is there a hybrid retrofit DIY kit?

Due to their high-voltage electrical systems, retrofitting a hybrid system into an existing vehicle should only be done by specially trained and certified technicians. A hybrid system is not generally mechanically complex, but battery chemistries and high voltage wiring do require special care and training.

Can I Hybridize my car or Truck?

Porsche hybridIt is possible to retrofit a hybrid system on most cars and trucks. Vonnen’s Shadow Drive system incorporates a thin profile radial electric motor between the transmission and engine, providing substantial electric power on top of what the engine already produces. Nearly all cars and trucks have enough space in the transmission bell housing to accommodate this hybrid installation approach and it works on a wide variety of vehicles regardless of which wheels are driven or whether they use manual or automatic transmissions.

How much power does Shadow Drive add?

Shadow Drive is configurable with 75hp, 150hp and 300hp assistance. This is managed through a proprietary smartphone app which lets the driver select one of several driving styles.

What does the power delivery feel like?

Shadow Drive begins making power at idle continuing through redline. It is the most significant way to add power in the desirable “area under the curve” of a car’s performance envelope. In terms of feel, it’s seamless with no clear on/off boost sensation. Power is abundant throughout and mirrors exactly how your car felt before, but greatly amplified.

Will this work on forced induction or modified engines?

Yes, Shadow Drive layers with traditional mechanical performance modifications regardless of engine power output. It provides power assistance inverse to the engine’s power curve so that boost is most significant where the internal combustion engine has lower torque. In practical terms, what this means is that it torque fills on engines with big, laggy turbos or aggressive cam profiles. It augments power as the turbos spool or the engine comes on cam.

How is Shadow Drive’s power accessed?

Power is available in bursts via normal application of the throttle. Boost is mapped to throttle position to deliver more electric assistance at higher throttle positions. The battery is replenished during normal driving through regenerative brake recharge. Drive modes are user select-able via the smartphone app.

Does this system require plugging in to a charging station?

Shadow Drive does not require plugging in. It is self-regenerative via the braking system and is also capable of recharging with opportunistic harvesting of surplus power from the crankshaft.

How much power does the battery provide?

The battery has 1kWh of energy storage. It has a peak output of 110kW (150 hp) and is liquid cooled.

How heavy is the hybrid system?

Hybrid electric motorShadow Drive adds about 120 pounds, but does not compromise the classic rear-biased character of the car. It is a fully integrated system comprised of the battery, motor, inverter control unit, radiators (for battery and hybrid motor cooling) and piping. As a comparison, the entire system adds a similar amount of weight as a full tank of fuel.

How much does it cost to hybridize a car/truck?

The Shadow Drive 150hp option is $69,000 plus installation for privately owned vehicles. Please contact us about multi-vehicle team pricing, fleet vehicle pricing, or 75hp/300hp options.

How long does it take to install this hybrid system?

Approximately two weeks.

Does Shadow Drive require mechanical changes to the car?

Shadow Drive is designed to be self-contained. Installation is completed without chassis modifications, and has been designed to be integrated within the stock 911 vehicle with minimal additional components. It is a very transparent application.

Which transmissions is Shadow Drive compatible with?

All configurations.

Does a hybrid system need modifications to the brakes?

There is no need to modify brakes when using the Shadow Drive hybrid system.

How is the hybrid system cooled?

How to hybridShadow Drive adds two small radiators to the front of the vehicle. There are two different coolant loops – one for the battery and one for the electric motor. This optimizes the entire system for thermal efficiency, keeping the battery at near ambient temperature and the electric motor running at temperatures lower than engine cooling temperature – in other words optimal performance windows for all three components in the system.

What Happens if the charge state is too low to start the vehicle?

Batteries for Porsche 911 hybridWe have designed against this so that the battery will not discharge to the point that it will compromise the ability to start the engine. The battery management software was designed with this in mind. In the event the battery fully depletes during storage, it can be plugged into a wall outlet to recharge. The stock battery remains and still powers all auxiliary systems such as alarm, locking, etc.

Is this hybrid installation reversible?

Yes, Shadow Drive is reversible and can be removed for installation into another car, or for any other reason to return the vehicle to stock form.

Does this impact vehicle emissions?

Vehicle emissions remain unaltered.

Does this impact fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption may change by small amounts when the system is not providing power due to added weight. However from what we have seen in use, it actually saves fuel as drivers gain more low-end power assistance and tend to put less load on the combustion engine.

What is the hybrid warranty?

Vonnen offers a 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor, optionally extendable.

How long will the hybrid battery pack last?

We don’t expect to see significant performance degradation with the batteries in a span of at least ten years as they have been optimized for fast-cycle use.

Who does hybrid installations?

On the west coast Vonnen can install a hybrid system or in the mid-west Kelly Moss Racing is a certified hybrid installer. We also have partner shops in Brazil and Europe plus our small installation team can travel to your location.

If the hybrid system is not active, will the car still run?

Because Shadow Drive is a complete hybrid overlay, it will not affect the performance of the vehicle drivetrain in any way when not in use.

How does this hybrid system affect the engine?

The engine’s computer sees Shadow Drive as the equivalent of driving with a very strong tailwind. In other words, it just perceives that it is working more efficiently to meet its factory calibrated performance level. It neither sees nor interacts with Shadow Drive.