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Vonnen Shadow Drive Receives 2019 Popular Science Best of What’s New Award

Silicon Valley Performance Hybrid Startup Recognized for Excellence in the Automotive Category

Santa Clara, Calif. (December 3, 2019) Vonnen, a Silicon Valley-based hybrid technology company, has announced its Shadow Drive™ hybrid retrofit system is the recipient of Popular Science’s Best of What’s New 2019 Award in the automotive category.

According to the company, retrofit of its Shadow Drive hybrid system extends the utility of existing gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles with dramatic improvements in performance, efficiency and emissions.

“Vonnen is proud to have our Shadow Drive technology recognized by Popular Science.” said Chuck Moreland, CEO of Vonnen. “There are over a billion existing vehicles in service globally and despite strides toward electrification in new vehicles, the vast majority will continue to rely on gasoline or diesel power for years to come.  Vonnen is providing a bridge to a cleaner, efficient and more powerful future through retrofittable hybrid electric technology.  Shadow Drive upgrades and modernizes existing vehicles.”

“The Best of What’s New is our celebration of the most impactful and exciting innovations of the year,” says Popular Science Editor-in-Chief Joe Brown. “This expertly vetted collection lays the groundwork for a healthier, safer, and awe-inspiring future — in our homes, cities, outer space, and everywhere in between. We’re proud to bring you the Best of What’s New 2019.”

Vonnen’s Shadow Drive works by augmenting a vehicle’s existing combustion engine with electric power.  The company has packaged a compact electric motor for fitment between an existing engine and transmission.  According to the company, because the motor fits inside the transmission bellhousing,  installation of the motor is similar to replacing a clutch and typically requires no chassis modifications.  Packaging inside the ubiquitous bellhousing makes Shadow Drive readily portable to different vehicles.

Shadow Drive debuted in 2019, as a performance enhancement for Porsche cars.  It delivers an additional 150 horsepower and 150 lb/ft of torque on top of what the engine is producing from zero rpm through redline and  recharges by capturing energy normally lost as heat to the brakes.   The company is expanding the Shadow Drive line to  augment both performance and efficiency for other makes and models.

About Vonnen

Established in 2016, Vonnen is a technology company delivering hybrid electric solutionsfor retrofit to vehicles not originally designed for hybrid power. The company’s focus is to provide enhanced performance, efficiency and emissions reduction for existing vehicles.   Located in Santa Clara, Calif., Vonnen is a sister company of Porsche suspension components manufacturer, Elephant Racing.

Media Contact: Brian Alexander, Vonnen, (408) 982-5629 – [email protected]

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